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    26 Oct 09
  • Because your website tells of various retired Air Force firefighters, one of them may be able to help me in a search. Did any of them serve on Guadalcanal in early 1943? An Air Force friend was an armorer there and told me of a rescue he witnessed. During an attempted takeoff on the fighter strip on Guadalcanal, a Corsair tipped, blew a tire, and crashed on the fighter strip, (hitting a parked P-38), was enveloped in flame and the pilot was trapped in the cockpit. An AF firefighter in protective gear rescued the pilot, who asked "Are my eyes burned?" My friend has always wondered who the AF firefighter was and whether he was recognized somehow for his rescue. I've searched the Internet, and find very little coverage of accidents on the runway. I would like to finish the story for my friend who witnessed the impressive rescue--that is--Who made the rescue and did he get a medal? I read that Val Allen served in WWII; there are probably many others. My friend witnessed something that impressed him deeply, because it is still in his memory at age 87. Thanks for any help. I am Barbara O'Brien. Phone 314-591-1982; Address: 1851 Dina Ave; Arnold, MO 63010. Email:
    10 Oct 09
  • RAF Greenham Common/ Welford Firefighters Reunion. July 2011 in Portland Oregon Contact James Ediger at;
    10 Oct 09