This page contains training materials provided by others.  They are provided here in good faith that they are accurate and will assist in the DoD fire training arena.  I ask that users review the materials and use them as they see fit.  I cannot attest to the accuracy of the material and I do not modify the content except to format for size.  Questions should be directed to the provider of the material as indicated in the table below:

Please note the size of the files.  Some will take a long time if you're on a modem.


All files are Zip or PDF format)

National Incident Management System (NIMS) Self-Study Guide FEMA
General Drivers Training Presentation (489K) Paul Richmond
P-18 Training Package  

Lesson Plans, Study Guides and tests (139K)

Paul Richmond
P-19 Training Package Slides & Study Guide - 
bullet MS format (8.6M)
bullet PDF format (8.9M)
Paul Richmond
Inspector I MS Word format Study Guide and Lesson Plans (662K) Unknown - Taken From AFRC Site
Inspector II Zipped MS Word format Study Guide AFRC Training Committee
Instructor II MS format Study Guides (1.7M) Unknown - Taken From AFRC Site
Nation Fire Academy's Fire Instructor I All files are Zip files with MS format materials:
bulletCh 1
bulletCh 2
bulletCh 3
bulletCh 4
bulletCh 5
bulletCh 6
National Fire Academy
AF Instructor I LP USAF
Fire Officer I
bulletStudy Guide
Fire Officer II Study Guide Unknown
Fire Officer III Study Guide Unknown
Driver Operator Series
bulletARFF LP
bulletPumper LP
bulletAwareness WB
AFRC Training Committee
Airport FF Lesson Plans USAF
EMT-B All Files provided in zip files:
bulletLesson Plans (388 KB) MS Word Format
bulletSkill Sheets (263 KB) MS Word Format
bulletSlides (17 MB) PDF Format
General Subjects Zip file...MS format
bulletGeneral Subjects Lesson Plans (1.3M)
26 lesson plans, mostly from the Arkansas Fire Academy